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*Portfolio Websites for the Creative Industry*

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Bluu lets hundreds of creatives and organizations build modern portfolio and agency websites through a simple interface without having to touch any piece of code.

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*Modern design in minutes
— no coding required*


Professionally crafted templates that make you or your organization truly shine with flexible customization and hundreds of design variations. Create a unique website with the design editor —no coding required.

[thb_iconbox type=”top type8″ alignment=”text-left” retina=”retina_size” style=”style-accent-link” icon_image=”419″ heading=”Reliable customer support” description=”You won’t be left wandering in the dark. Our customer support channels are always up.”]
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*Sell globally with ecommerce shops
for creatives and organizations*


Sell different kinds of physical products like paperback books, t-shirts, packages, artworks, and crafts, or digital products like ebooks, guides, tickets, and booking sessions on your website.

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[thb_iconbox type=”top type9″ alignment=”text-left” retina=”retina_size” style=”style-accent-link” icon_image=”428″ link=”|||” heading=”No tech skills needed” description=”Join team no-code. Even without any knowledge of coding or design, we’ve made it absolutely easy to build your website.”]
[thb_iconbox type=”top type9″ alignment=”text-left” retina=”retina_size” style=”style-accent-link” icon_image=”429″ link=”|||” heading=”Unlimited Functionalities” description=”Start from scratch or choose from fully customizable ready-made templates. Bring your website to life with media and animations.”]
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*Powerful Integration Tools*


Easily extend your website’s functionality with popular tools.

[thb_content_carousel thb_columns=”thb-5″ thb_margins=”medium-padding”][thb_iconbox type=”top type7″ icon_image=”403″ icon_image_width=”144″ heading=”Magento Extensions” description=”Use Prisync’s Magento M1 or M2 extensions and connect your store with Prisync in seconds to completely.” thb_text_color=”#121212″][thb_iconbox type=”top type7″ icon_image=”402″ icon_image_width=”144″ heading=”Basecamp To-do List” description=”When I was young, I lived like an old woman, and when I got old, I had to live like.” thb_text_color=”#121212″][thb_iconbox type=”top type7″ icon_image=”401″ icon_image_width=”144″ heading=”Shopify Apps” description=”Use Prisync’s Shopify App and quickly integrate your store in seconds to completely synchronize.” thb_text_color=”#121212″][thb_iconbox type=”top type7″ icon_image=”400″ icon_image_width=”144″ heading=”Wordpress Plugins” description=”All I did my first year at Vogue was Xerox. It’s useless to send models out on the runway to cry.” thb_text_color=”#121212″][thb_iconbox type=”top type7″ icon_image=”399″ icon_image_width=”144″ heading=”Store Management” description=”We look our best in subdued colors, sophisticated cuts, and a general air of sleek.” thb_text_color=”#121212″][thb_iconbox type=”top type7″ icon_image=”416″ icon_image_width=”144″ heading=”Accept Payments” description=”An evening dress that reveals a woman’s ankles while walking is the most disgusting.” thb_text_color=”#121212″][/thb_content_carousel]
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*Choose A Plan That’s Right For You*


Choose a plan that fits you best. Try any plan free for 14 days. Cancel anytime.

[vc_empty_space mobile_height=”12″ height=”24px”][thb_pricing_toggle label_initial=”Billed Monthly” label_second=”Billed Yearly” label_discount=”Save up to 30%”][vc_empty_space mobile_height=”20″ height=”40px”]
[thb_pricing_table thb_pricing_style=”style4″ thb_pricing_columns=”large-4″][thb_pricing_column title=”Professional” price=”$59.50″ price_second=”$590.00″ per=”/ month” per_second=”/ year” sub_title=”Design is a series of creative choices – it’s a collaborative effort, an evolutionary.” link=”url:%23|title:Get%20Started||” accent_color=”#0f5bf5″]
  • Price Updates 4 Times a Day
  • Excel Report
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Stock Availability Monitoring
  • Price Position Comparison
  • Worldwide Site/Currency Coverage
[/thb_pricing_column][thb_pricing_column highlight=”true” title=”Premium” price=”$129.00″ price_second=”$1290.00″ per=”/ month” per_second=”/ year” sub_title=”Design is a series of creative choices – it’s a collaborative effort, an evolutionary.” link=”url:%23|title:Get%20Started||” accent_color=”#0f5bf5″]
  • Marketplace Price Tracking
  • Product Variant Price Tracking
  • Daily Excel Report Mail
  • Daily Price Change Notification
  • Brand Performance Analytics
  • Pricing Analytics
[/thb_pricing_column][thb_pricing_column title=”Platinum” price=”$229.00″ price_second=”$2290.00″ per=”/ month” per_second=”/ year” sub_title=”Design is a series of creative choices – it’s a collaborative effort, an evolutionary.” link=”url:%23|title:Get%20Started||” accent_color=”#0f5bf5″]
  • Price History
  • Instant Price Change Notification
  • Advanced Mail Reports
  • For Suppliers – Price Violation Module
  • For Suppliers – Price Module
  • Advanced Pricing Analytics
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*What Our Customers Say*


Find out what our customers are saying about our products.

[thb_testimonial_parent thb_style=”style9″][thb_testimonial quote=”“Marketers’ service allows us to connect with our specific target market very, very effectively. It’s extremely easy to use backed by great service. We couldn’t be happier!”” author_name=”Sarah Taylor” author_title=”Senior Product Designer at WooCommerce” author_image=”266″ review_image=”404″][thb_testimonial quote=”“I remember walking the dog one day, I saw a car full of teenage girls, and one of them rolled down the window and yelled, ‘Marc Jacobs!’ in a French accent.”” author_name=”Matt Howell” author_title=”Chief Executing Officer at Slite” author_image=”407″ review_image=”417″][thb_testimonial quote=”“First I made a dress because I was pregnant and I wanted to be the most beautiful pregnant woman. Then I made a sweater because I wanted to have one that wasn’t like anyone else’s.”” author_name=”Kimmy Burton” author_title=”Account Manager at Lodgify” author_image=”102″ review_image=”418″][/thb_testimonial_parent]
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*Latest Updates*


Stay ahead of the curve with the latest insights and inspiration for building a website and successful creative practice.

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*Get Started*


Get started with Bluu with a 14-day free trial and build the website of your dreams to showcase your work and entice potential clients and stakeholders.

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