Bubbles from Rubbles by Amara Chidinma Ezediniru

Bubbles from Rubbles is a sequel of the novel, In and Out, a story of delusional love. Long after escaping from the abusive and controlling powers of a man, Ijendu remained imprisoned. Her actions and utterances did not depict a free woman. Even though Ijendu thought she was living the life, her life remained rudderless. Every time she thought she displayed respect for her values, she contradicted herself. No one believed her nor did they take her seriously. Not only did She sway from one side to the other with her actions, she also blew hot and cold with her words. Her unusual ways of thinking and behaving became glaring as the strength of her character was tested. Ijendu was a victim of an unbalanced society where merit did not open the door and reason was scorned. Numerous times, she was a lone voice. Sometimes, she blended, other times, she weathered the storm. She scampered like a mouse in the trash of life. She doubted herself, her competence and everything about her. She was constantly reminded that she was out of prison. No one had her tied to a rope any longer. There were no more rules in her adult life except the ones she set for herself. One would think she left an abusive relationship because she wanted more, but her actions were in the opposite direction. Ijendu was a disaster not only to herself but to her children. With a bubbly and extroverted personality, Ije as she was called, often times came across as overbearing. It may have been a result of her intelligence which was considered a bit above board and made it difficult to entertain those of lower thought. It may also have been the result of experiences which had dealt her heavy blows. All through her story, she took steps that were irrational. She surprised herself the most! On the pages of their stories is the little leaven which leaven the lump in the lives of many women who escape bad marital relationships. The experiences leave little to be desired of them. They are sometimes battered beyond recognition; most unfortunate is how unaware they are of their state. Sustaining a relationship is nigh impossible, everyone is a suspect, what then is life? A journey filled with scars was interrupted by a young doctor’s rejection and simple advice. Ije began a search for validation. This was the search she was on all along but knew it not. What did her journey yield? How long did it take? Did the tides turn in her favour? How did she sail with the torrents of life? Was she susceptible to the vagaries of the elements?


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AUTHOR: Amara Chidinma Ezediniru

ISBN-13: 978-9789731183