Emotional Rehab by Victor Ibeh

Getting healing and moving on after heartbreak and other forms of hurt, is non-negotiable. It is not a luxury, but a necessity. The healing you seek is for you. Some people struggle with healing because they are reluctant about letting go of their grudges. They feel powerful when they hold on to grudges. They want to keep holding those grudges over the people that hurt them. So when you ask them to let go, it feels like you want to rob them of power. In reality, holding on to grudges is a sign of weakness. It is an easy way out of the reality of your situation. Letting go and moving on is strength. It takes strength to realize that your grudges and bitterness are poisonous to you. It takes strength to give them up for adoption. People undergo several other types of rehabilitation but pay little attention to emotional rehabilitation. They need to undergo emotional rehabilitation as a recovery process. The degree of emotional trauma people experience, often make them lose themselves. Some get into marriages and find out that they are under abuse. They go through severe abuse until they are confident enough to walk away. The sad thing is that when most of them leave, they don’t do anything about their healing and restoration. They just sit there and mourn their losses. There is more that can be done to help such people. They can find healing and restoration. As long the abuse has been terminated, they can be restored to their original emotional state.


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PUBLISHED BY: Charami House


AUTHOR: Victor Ibeh

ISBN-13: 978-1792859526