Go. Grow. Glow. by Amara Chidinma Ezediniru

Today is the meeting point for yesterday and tomorrow. Today is the very best life holds. Today must not be a waste for it is all we have. Today, as you hear the voice of reasoning, you should take action. These words were popping in my heart just as undigested food tumbles about in the tummy. I was uncertain from which direction they were coming. Yes, there were unresolved issues on my mind. Some were deep while others were not. Their depth was immaterial as long as it caused me an iota of sleeplessness. The only reason I kept tossing on my bed was because of indecision. I refused to be decisive about the matters that matter in my life as if life was trivial. In retrospect, I can tell this is foolish. If there is anything to be serious about, should it not be life? What then is life? Everything that means anything in my daily living is life. Life is not only the breadth we take; it is the total of all activities, big and small that occupy our attention, our energy and our time.It took a while to understand this even though dad sang it in different tunes. The moment I understood, I straightened up, I began to live. I hope you’ll get it as you devour the pages of this book. When you do, I hope you’ll straighten up as I did. May your decision yield bountifully for you. Amen. Here’s to your success, and mine.


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AUTHOR: Amara Chidinma Ezediniru

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-9789822812