Psychology of Self-Esteem by Victor Ibeh

The issue of Self-esteem is a struggle known to all. People at different times and in different places battle seriously with their self-esteem. Some feel like they have lost the battle while some others are making great efforts. Yet, another group have been trying their hands on anything that looks like it would boost their self-esteem. The degree of your self-esteem has far-reaching consequences on your general life. Every facet of your personality is greatly influenced by your self-esteem. To this end, your self-esteem deserves urgent and utmost attention. You should never neglect it for anything. In this book, I am going to take you through a journey to positive self-esteem. It is my desire that when you get to the last page of this book, a great transformation would have happened in your life and your self-esteem would be fully boosted and upgraded. You will begin to experience a newer and more advanced version of yourself in everything that concerns you.


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PUBLISHED BY: Charami House


AUTHOR: Victor Ibeh

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1717927972