The Little Things that Matter by Olushola Adeborode Kolawole


‘The Little Things That Matter’ fixed in the Nigerian setting, and written in first third person, and past and present style, explores the themes of career choice, family decision and attitude and how it affects the children, love, war, romance, poverty, wealth, etc. It also gives a little bit of an insight into Nigerian politics. In this book, you are going to read about Kema who has an innate cooking ability. She’s not much of a reader but she passes for a great cook. Her father thinks her to be a crazy 21st-century teenage girl who’s supposed to aim for more daring career choices as women now do, and like her twin sister who aspires to be a doctor. Also, you will read more about Tade and Samson who run into each other after many years of being apart. Tade knows he owes his ‘friend’ an apology over his betrayal back in his school days and puts an effort to make it up to him by trying to re-ignite the bond that once held them together. But some things are best left to wither with the past.

Finally, the book also show how Gift Okechukwu’s life and education is affected by her mother’s marriage choices. Sometimes good, and sometimes bad. At each stage, she learns to ‘love’ and ‘un-love’ her mother, and fight to stabilise her life and education in pursuit of her dreams.


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AUTHOR: Olushola Adeborode Kolawole

ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8540102407