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The problem is that a lot of people have websites that are not bringing in any return. Just a dormant website. No purpose. Here are a few ideas on how you can change that and start making more sales and booking more clients directly from your website.

The best way to keep sales coming in is to keep spending more effort and resources on marketing channels and concepts. This extends to your business website.

It is not enough to just have a website you need to keep the website active with content that will drive more traffic to it and you also need to optimize the website to convert visitors and capture leads.

Here are a few ideas on how to keep people’s eyes on your website and ultimately convert to hot leads.

Create product offers

A good way to keep your audience entertained and simultaneously sell more is to create product or service offers from time to time. For example: Create a bundle of your best-selling products or services at a discounted rate. Then place it on your website’s homepage either as a popup or hero banner.

Create Guides and Tips

Create free how-to guides for your products or services. This can be in form of an ebook or a blog post that can be linked to (either from an ad or your social media platforms). Ensure you add appropriate call-to-action messages and links across the guide.

Do Flash Sales

Do flash sales for a limited time and this should only be available on your website. Use your social media platforms to create hype for it. You can create a custom coupon code for this.

Create Testimonials

Make testimonial contents of various forms. A very great example is case study contents. Videos or articles that showcase how your product or service helped a client or customer to solve a particular problem or achieve a set result. This is social proof. It helps people see how your product or service can be of help to them.

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