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You have been told, the number one job of an entrepreneur is sales. So now you set out to create a Sales Conversion Funnel, mapping your customer’s journey from point of first contact with your brand to point of purchase. What you want to do is to apply the latest innovation in marketing to keep your sales conversion funnel humming. Here is a list of platforms and applications that can help you do just that:

1. Facebook Ad Manager

This Facebook feature is an amazing sales treasure trove, helping users understand the three elements of the sales conversion funnel: First, brand awareness (attracting customers). Second, consideration (here buyers are contemplating using your product or service). And third, conversion (customers are ready to buy). Because I can’t cover all three elements, I will start with tools useful for whatever brand awareness strategy you go with.

2. Hubspot Academy

To get better at marketing, then check out my second recommendation, HubSpot Academy. One of the biggest developments in sales today is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is basically creating free, valuable information in the form of videos, blog posts, newsletters, infographics, and e-books that customers find useful, and these act as a precursor to converting attention into a purchase decision. To get good at inbound marketing, Hubspot offers short slideshows/video tutorials. In today’s world of information overload, inbound marketing helps you catch attention, and the following tools work well with any brand awareness strategy.

3. Mention: Influencer Marketing Platform

The first thing you need to know is what your customers are saying. Use Mention Set up the keywords related to your brand in the app. You will get an alert with details every time your keywords are mentioned.

4. Quora

One great tool to find out what questions your target customers are asking is Quora. You also see answers others are giving. You will find great inspiration and references for content for inbound marketing activities.

5. Pocket

You have seen what topics your target customers want to answers to and so you go on the web to research them, use Pocket to bookmark multiple on-line content and organise them in one place for off-line work.

6. Snapseed

When are done creating content for your inbound marketing strategy, to drive engagement once published you usually to usually would add visual depictions. But the product or event photos you shot with your camera phone are not so awesome. Download Snapseed mobile app to improve your photos.

7.  Unsplash

You can take an lazier route and download copyright-free images from Unsplash.

8. Canva

Take your photos and add text them or create entirely new and elaborate graphic designs from templates on everyone’s favourite design software Canva.

9. Buffer

Social media which is important for brand awareness and social proof. To rank well on social media you need to post good quality content consistently. Post scheduling app Buffer lets you schedule multiple content across different platforms at a go – so you can get back to working on other things.

10. Mailchimp

If you plan on an email marketing, use MailChimp To subscribe your target customers to your email list; create beautiful newsletters; and create a landing page for your newsletter for those that don’t subscribe to your email list.

11. Pandadocs

Once the customer show and begin making inquiries use PandaDocs to create proposals and agreements. Use Wave to create beautiful invoices and receipts.

12. Google Drive

Collaboration is important in marketing and you can use Google Drive to share progress together with teammates, partners and clients.

13. Upwork

At some point, you need to go beyond a DIY app and look for professional help with your sales and marketing. Time to pay a visit to Upwork to hire a freelancer for everything from designing and implementing marketing strategy to legal services and accounting services

All these resources get easier to use with time and can even become indispensable to the young business owner. The secret is in trying them out and exploring their features. I hope share tools for the second and third phases of the sales conversion funnel – consideration phase and conversion. Did you enjoy this? Leave a comment to get a notice when I do.

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